Coaching services


Custom online coaching available – Have a race date in mind and need assistance preparing? If not, I will pick a race and we’ll work backwards in designing a program specifically for you. Training log provided and reviewed on a weekly basis.

Personalized training programs – Individualized running programs specific to your goals. Training log provided and reviewed on a weekly basis. Redesigned, if necessary, to adjust to lifestyle or fitness changes at no additional charge.

One on One running sessions – One on one running sessions. Video analysis and form critique. Individual assessments and/or weekly accompanied training runs available.

Guided trail runs – New to the trails? Guided one on one or group trail runs. Fun for groups that want to spend an afternoon on the trails, but don’t know where to begin. No expiration date. Transferable. No equipment required. Water provided.

Kid specific trail runs – Have an adventurous kid? Let’s hit the trails. I will guide your child and friends, because it’s always more fun with friends…on a fun, educational trail run/walk. Designed specifically for your child.

Need help finding a race in your area? Looking for a local running store? Want to go faster, further, or run injury free? Ask me how I can help.

Network of health and fitness professionals. Recommendations available upon request.

Email me directly at or call (805) 807-8022 

to discuss your future in running.

Prices vary depending on services rendered.

Video analysis – $60/session

One on one personalized training sessions – $60/session

Personalized training programs start at $350/8 weeks

Exclusive Invitation – RMR Testing in Thousand Oaks

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Each person has a unique RMR. Calories are how we measure the energy in the food we eat and the energy our body uses. Your unique resting metabolic rate is how many calories your body burns in 24 hours. Measuring your metabolic rate is how we determine what the right number of calories is for your body. For your metabolism. This priceless information will give you the knowledge you need to eat smart and stay energized all day.

The cost is $149.00 for your personalized assessment. Each assessment will consist of your RMR test, including a copy of your test results, an explanation of your results with a breakdown of your daily caloric needs-i.e. resting expenditure, lifestyle expenditure, and exercise expenditure. A guideline for daily caloric intake based on your goals-i.e. weight management or weight loss. A metabolic comparison and a sample meal plan. 

I will be hosting a day of RMR assessments on Tuesday, September 18 at the Knolls Clubhouse located at 2544 Vista Wood Circle Thousand Oaks, Ca 91362.

Assessments will be starting at 9 am by appointment only. So call today (805) 807-8022  or email me directly at to schedule your individualized assessment. Space is limited.

Please allow 30 minutes for your assessment.

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