Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth there is a little bit of Skye.

And I don’t mean the blue kind.

I mean Skye Colclough.

Skye has been a runner her whole life. She ran cross country in high school, then started a family and…well, you know how that story goes. Nearly twenty years, three sons and two cross country moves later, Skye was consumed by her family and career. Until I moved in next door.

I reintroduced Skye to trail running a little over a year ago. She has a natural talent, but running on the trails made Skye a stronger runner. Building her core strength, road racingĀ is almostĀ a breeze.

Skye recently won her age class at the Malibu marathon on Sunday, November 13 and placed a very impressive eighth Female overall.

Congratulations to Skye.

Rest, recover and I’ll meet you on the trails.