Bandit Photos

It’s been nearly two months since runners hit the Santa Susana mountains and tackled the challenging miles and elevation change. I will be making a donation to the Sparkle Dot Fondation on May 1 and would like to offer any 30K or 50K runners a last chance to purchase race photos. Please email me at with your bib number and I will send over your proofs. Each photo is $5 with $2 going directly to the Sparkle Dot Foundation.

Bandit Ultra Trail Runs

What a fabulous day on the Chumash trail! Thanks to all the runners for making my day so enjoyable. The trail running community is unmatched in any other sport!

Below you will find pictures of some of the 50K’ers from Sunday’s run…I have all the 30K’ers as well. The photos are posted by bib number in ascending order. Some runners have multiple photos. If you see a photo you like, simply click on the Buy Now Paypal button and write your corresponding bib number along with which photo in the sequence you would like to purchase. Please denote if you prefer a high resolution digital copy or high gloss 4×6 print. Due to the unique nature of the Bandit run’s donation (see below) I am only offering 4×6 prints.

Due to the high volume of photos, I ask that you email me your bib number at  if you are interested in purchasing. I will post your photos for viewing or send you proofs privately, then follow the aforementioned instructions for ordering. Thank you for your understanding and supporting Sparkle Dot Foundation.

I am pleased to announce that 40% of the purchase price~only $5 / photo~will go directly to the Sparkle Dot Foundation. If you are unfamiliar with the foundation or would like to donate directly in addition to the purchase of your photos, please visit

Sunday’s memories will live on in my photos and by purchasing them, you will be helping keep the memory of Amanda Shoemaker alive through the foundation built in her honor.

God bless and thank you.

Bib number: 5137








A few 30K’ers photos:





Bib numbers: 66-5069 below.

Please contact me directly with your bib number, if you do not see a photo of you. I have awesome shots of everyone.